A to Z Wildlife Control
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A to Wildlife Control serves Beaver, Butler, Allegheny Counties and the City of Pittsburgh in the humane removal/exclusion of all wildlife. Licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission ( WPC000794 ) and insured.
Please check our bat removal page for extended coverage for BAT REMOVAL in all of western PA and eastern Ohio.

We do not exterminate, we trap and remove.

Wildlife removed or excluded from homes , buildings, properties, businesses, golf courses and industrial sites.

Some of the pest wildlife includes: raccoon (coon), bat, groundhog, muskrat, red squirrel, gray squirrel, fox squirrel, flying squirrel, beaver, skunk, mole, vole, chipmunk, opossums (possum), bird, (pigeon, woodpecker, chimney swift, barn swallow, english sparrow, starling, etc.) snake (black snake, etc.) , fox, coyote, canada geese (canadian geese).

We capture raccoons that live in your chimney or attic and stop them from re-entering.

We sell and install Chimney Caps and Vent Screens for existing attic vents.